Lawn Care Service Yorktown To Newport News Virginia

Lawn Care Services York County Virginia.

Do You Want A Beautiful, Vibrant Green Lawn?
We provide lawn care services for residential and commercial

When you see a beautiful, lush, green, uniform looking lawn it’s usually no accident that it looks that way.  A beautiful lawn is often the result of a caring and knowledgeable professional putting in the time and hard work.  From cutting to fertilizing and everything in between when you hire a professional to care for your lawn you’ll get amazing results.

Lakeside Lawns & Landscaping is a full service lawn care company based in York County, Virginia.  We specialize in providing complete lawn care and lawn maintenance services for both residential and commercial customers in Yorktown, Newport News, and the surrounding areas.

Our lawn care services include weekly or bi-weekly lawn mowing, trimming around edges and garden beds, lawn aerating and overseeding when required, seasonal lawn fertilization, seasonal yard clean ups, and more.  We use professional grade equipment so your always looks fantastic after every cut and throughout the year.

Our Lawn Care Services Can Include

  • Regular lawn mowing (weekly or bi-weekly)
  • Lawn trimming around edges and garden beds
  • Blowing off grass clippings from all hard surfaces
  • Lawn aeration and overseeding (as needed)
  • Lawn edging (as needed)
  • *Gardening services available

How Our Lawn Care Packages Work

Our goal is to provide the most complete lawn care solution for you depending on your specific property, your budget, and what your goals for your property are.  Our initial consultation will cover everything in detail so we can move forward with a solid plan to care for your lawn and provide you with the services you expect.

  1. We start with an initial consultation.
  2. We will view your property/grounds and determine the scope of work.
  3. We listen to your needs, making any necessary or helpful suggestions.
  4. We will take any measurements to help aid in our estimate.
  5. We will provide you with a written estimate to complete the work.
  6. We show up on the scheduled day(s) and care for your lawn as promised.

To give you an accurate estimate on lawn care we’ll need to visit your property and discuss your needs with you.  The cost of our lawn care packages will be determined by the size of the property, the nature of the services we’re performing, and how frequently they will be required.

Why Choose Lakeside Lawns & Landscaping For Your Lawn Care Needs?

We understand that you have many lawn care and lawn mowing contractors to choose from throughout York County.  We just want you to know that when you choose to work with Lakeside Lawns & Landscaping you are partnering with a small, locally owned business that has the knowledge and experience to keep your property looking it’s best.

You can expect knowledgeable, reliable lawn care services from a company that cares about your properties appearance and our local reputation in the community.

If you’d like to get the process started then please give us a call (757) 329-7165 or fill out our online contact form and we’ll get back to you right away (usually the same day).

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