Cost To Prune Your Privacy Hedge

How Much Will It Cost To Prune My Hedge?

Cost To Prune Your Privacy Hedge
This hedge is tall and long which increases the cost to prune it.

How Much Will It Cost To Prune Your Privacy Hedge?
There are many factors to consider but this article will give you an idea.

We are often asked by our potential customers “how much will it cost to prune my hedge?” and the best answer is, we can’t really give anyone an accurate answer to this question over the Internet.  In order to provide an accurate price we have to come out and take a look at the hedges on your property so we can get a better idea of how much time it’s going to take.

With that said here are a few of the factors that can affect the cost of pruning your hedge.

#1.  Your Hedge Height

The height of your hedge has a huge impact on cost.  If they are over 6′ tall then we’ll need to use a ladder to prune them, this increases the time required as we’ll need to continually climb up and down the ladder as well as re-positioning it as we move along your hedge.  Not only that but if we’re working off the ladder we may also need a helper holding it for safety reasons.

If you have a really tall hedge and you want to knock it down 4 feet then it’s going to take us considerably longer then just knocking off a few inches of scraggly growth on a smaller hedge.  So how much you want the hedge pruned back is always a contributing factor to the cost.

#2.  Length Of The Hedge

Do you have a very short hedge or does it run the entire length of your property line?  We’ve pruned hedges that cost as low as $100 to as high as $2500 or more and the price difference is always related to the height, length, and accessibility of the hedge which we’ll talk about below.

#3.  How Accessible Is Your Hedge?

Some hedges are very easy to access, we can get our equipment in easily and it’s easy to work on.  Other hedges might run up alongside a house or a garage or shed or they may be located in tight spaces where getting a ladder in might be difficult.  This increases the amount of time it takes.

For example, if your hedge is along the front of your property and easily accessible then it will be easy for us to access with our equipment and thus will take us less time to complete.  If your hedge is located in the back of your property, or along the side of your property and we have to work around vehicles, boats, RV’s, sheds, gardens or other obstacles it will increase the amount of time we have to spend on your hedge and will also increase the time it takes to clean up the mess afterwords.

#4.  When Was The Last Time Your Hedge Was Pruned?

If you’ve maintained your hedge regularly then it’s going to be much easier for us to prune it.  If the hedge has been neglected for a few years and has grown out-of-control then we’re going to have a much harder time cutting it back into a manageable state.  It’s a good idea to keep your hedges pruned at least once or twice per year depending on it’s size and the particular species of hedge you have.  Some grow much faster than others.

#5.  Clean Up and Dump Fees

When pruning a hedge there is always a lot of organic waste and debris to clean up afterwards you probably don’t want us to just leave the mess of branches all over your lawn.  We’ll have to haul the debris away and dispose of it at a green waste facility.  For very large hedges or properties where we are pruning multiple hedges around the property we can easily fill one of our dump trailers with all of the trimmings.

If you have a large property you might have an appropriate area we can take all of the trimmings too such as a ravine or your own compost pile, we’re happy to do this for you.  Other times the homeowner might ask us to just leave the trimmings where they fall and they’ll clean them up on their own.  This is fine too.

As you can see there are a number of factors that go into calculating the cost to prune your hedge.

Hedge Pruning Money Saving Tips

#1.  Prune Your Hedges Annually

If you leave your hedges or neglect them the cost to prune them back into a manageable state is much more than it would be if you’d regularly maintained them.  For this reason we always recommend clients stay on top of their hedge pruning and prune the hedges at least once or twice per year.

#2.  Can You Split The Cost With Your Neighbor

For hedges that run along the border of a property line and extend onto two pieces of property it’s worth asking your neighbor if they would be interested in splitting the cost with you.  It’s not an unreasonable request but if the hedge is clearly on your side of the property line and only the branches extend into their property it might be your responsibility.

#3.  Ensure The Driveway Or Area Around The Hedge Is Clear

It’s makes our job easier if you can have the area around the hedge clear for us to work in.  If we’re working around vehicles, boats, or RV’s it can take us extra time and we won’t be able to park our truck or trailer close to the debris we need to collect and move.

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